Aesthetic Full-Mouth Rehabilitation.

Aesthetic Full-Mouth Rehabilitation is when the majority of the teeth in a patients mouth are restored to create a stunning new smile.

This gives you the opportunity to start anew after your mouth has been damaged by cavities, gum disease, accidents or bite problems. This treatment often involves a combination of crowns, veneers, dental implants, onlays and fixed bridgework to restore the appearance and function of your mouth.

This type of treatment requires a combination of all of the skills Dr. Szabela has learned through many years of advanced continuing dental education and training.

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If you need most of your teeth repaired or replaced – whether from decay, trauma, a bad bite, or gum disease – an aesthetic full-mouth rehabilitation will help you smile with pain-free confidence. Dr. Szabela has the training and expertise to assess – and correct – bite issues while rehabilitating your smile using the highest quality materials for the best possible results.

From diagnostic wax-ups to temporaries to the final result, Dr. Szabela is only happy when you are.

Digital Diagnostic Wax-Up.

One very important aspect of a successful Aesthetic Full-Mouth Rehabilitation is the creation of an accurate digitally designed diagnostic wax-up and the fabrication of excellent prototype (temporary) restorations. Dr. Szabela has developed a detailed communication system for the CAD/CAM technician and ceramist to use in creating an ideal diagnostic wax-up. The digital diagnostic wax-up instructions and planning guide allows the dentist to communicate the patient′s desires and goals as well as the requirements to create the optimal bite for each individual patient.

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A New Bite and Smile.

The goal of the digital diagnostic wax-up is to recreate the patient′s new bite and smile so that this can then be transferred to the temporary restorations. One of the most important aspects of a successful Aesthetic-Full Mouth Rehabilitation is obtaining the correct bite and TMJ (jaw joint) position. Dr. Szabela has trained with leaders in this field to develop a predictable method of finding and recording the ideal bite position.

Blueprints for Your New Smile.

Creating excellent temporary restorations is a key step in the full mouth rehabilitation because they allow Dr. Szabela and the patient to evaluate the smile, bite and jaw position and determine if any changes need to be made BEFORE the final restorations are made. These are the “blueprints” for the creation of your new smile!

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